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Certified Cartridges: your reliable partner for Ink Cartridges

Quality retailer of ink and toner cartridge for inkjet printers or laser printers, Certified Cartridges offers superior products at highly competitive prices. Our products, whether they are Recycled Ink & Toner Cartridges , compatible ink cartridges or genuine ink cartridges (OEM), are subject to the highest quality standards on the market. We are particularly recognized for our quality recycled ink and toner cartridge – all of our products are STMC certified - used equally by government and private organizations as by individuals.

Certified Cartridges: recognized for Recycled Ink & Toner Cartridges

Certified Cartridges offers a wide selection of over 6,000 print cartridges for all types of printers. We have extensive expertise in recycled and compatible products and only offer quality products equal to or greater than the major brands such as HP toner, Epson toner, Canon toner, Brother toner or Xerox toner. We offer our customers the opportunity to save up to 60% on their printing costs, while preserving all the benefits of buying an original product.

In addition, choosing our recycled ink print cartridge helps reduce the environmental impact of your consumption. Unlike producing a new cartridge, recycled ones do not overexploit our natural resources, reduce the overall production of toxic waste and greenhouse gases.

Complete service for Ink Cartridges

The staff at Certified Cartridges always puts the welfare of our customers first. Indeed, we are always at your disposal to advise you in your choice of purchase or offer you technical support. We offer very fast delivery: 1-2 days across Canada or same-day shipping for Montreal residents. In addition, we offer telephone support, email and live chat during our opening hours (9-5, Monday-Friday). The confidence and well-being of our customers is central to our business.

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Cartridges Type :

HP CE255X MICR (Black)

189,95$ Ink cartridge for HP CE255X MICR (Black) printer
HP CE255X MICR Compatible (Black)
55X - 12500 pages (1.5¢/page)

IBM 28P2494 MICR (Black)

229,95$ Ink cartridge for IBM 28P2494 MICR (Black) printer
IBM 28P2494 MICR Compatible (Black)
20000 pages (1.1¢/page)


156,95$ Ink cartridge for LEXMARK E260A21A MICR (Black) printer
LEXMARK E260A21A MICR Compatible (Black)
E260A21A - 3500 pages (4.5¢/page)

LEXMARK 12A6835 MICR (Black)

179,95$ Ink cartridge for LEXMARK 12A6835 MICR (Black) printer
LEXMARK 12A6835 MICR Compatible (Black)
12A6735, 12A6839, 12A5361 - 20000 pages (0.9¢/page)

HP CF280A MICR (Black)

154,95$ Ink cartridge for HP CF280A MICR (Black) printer
HP CF280A MICR Compatible (Black)
80A - 2700 pages (5.7¢/page)

LEXMARK 64415XA MICR (Black)

269,95$ Ink cartridge for LEXMARK 64415XA MICR (Black) printer
LEXMARK 64415XA MICR Compatible (Black)
64035XA, 64404XA, 64435XA, X644X11A, X644X21A - 32000 pages (0.8¢/page)

HP CE390A MICR (Black)

279,95$ Ink cartridge for HP CE390A MICR (Black) printer
HP CE390A MICR Compatible (Black)
90A - 10000 pages (2.8¢/page)

HP CB435A MICR (Black)

129,95$ Ink cartridge for HP CB435A MICR (Black) printer
HP CB435A MICR Compatible (Black)
35A - 1500 pages (8.7¢/page)

LEXMARK 64015HA MICR (Black)

289,95$ Ink cartridge for LEXMARK 64015HA MICR (Black) printer
LEXMARK 64015HA MICR Original (Black)
64035HA, 64004HA - 21000 pages (1.4¢/page)

HP CF281A MICR (Black)

474,95$ Ink cartridge for HP CF281A MICR (Black) printer
HP CF281A MICR Original (Black)
81A - 10500 pages (4.5¢/page)

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