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Inkjet Printers

Inkjet Printers offer a wide variety of colors at a low initial cost.

First appearing in the 1970s, inkjet printing is a process that projects a series of small drops of ink on the paper. These points form the resolution, expressed in dpi (dots per inch).

The ink, which can be alcohol or water-based, is contained in a cartridge which, when purchased, may include a print head or not. The advantage of a cartridge with print head is that the whole process is much cleaner every time the cartridge is changed, thereby reducing the maintenance cost of your printer and avoiding unnecessary stress.

Inkjet Printers offer a low initial cost, color flexibility, and a variety of paper types. Indeed, most printers work with a combination of three colors (cyan, magenta and yellow), and the black ink cartridge. Although, other printers such as HP printers that use HP 564XL Photo Black, or Epson printers that work with T125, T126 or T127 cartridges, use shades of gray to provide the user with a more accurate representation of his or her work.

For photo prints, it is recommended to choose an inkjet printer offering a wider selection of color, such as the Brother MFC-J6710DW.

Although they are inexpensive, Inkjet Printers present some disadvantages compared to laser printers:

Printer Type :
149,95$ Brother MFC-J690DW printer

Brother MFC-J690DW
(more details)

349,95$ Brother MFC-J6930DW printer

Brother MFC-J6930DW
(more details)

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