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P-Touch Label Printers

As its name suggests, P-Touch Label Printers specialize in printing labels.

Label Printers are used in many fields including the medical industry to identify specimens after blood samples or in the retail industry to identify products. These devices are also used domestically, for example, identifying homemade conserve or storage boxes.

Label Printers work on a variety of materials, but the most common are paper and synthetic polymer. These labels can vary in size (up to 24 mm wide). Several printing techniques are used by these devices, but the most popular is thermal printing.

The Brother PT-2730 is affordable and easy to use. This compact device requires no software installation, prints and cuts labels up to 12 mm (1/2 inch) wide. Since it can be used “stand-alone” or connected to PC or Mac, it is easy to visualize the layout of your print as displayed on the screen, be it writing, graphics or a barcode.

The advantage of this small printer is that it requires no ink cartridge; only a special thermal paper must be utilized.

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